Steps to Become a HOTS Member!

Upon arriving at rehearsal for the first time... will be greeted by our Membership Coordinator who will give you a Visitor Folder with a contact form for you to fill out and more information about the chorus.

At the beginning...
...she will introduce you to our Director, Karen who will ask you to sing a simple melody and run through a couple of basic vocal exercises. This will allow her to assess your vocal proficiency and determine your voice range - Tenor, Lead, Baritone or Bass.

Then...'ll be placed on the risers next to a music team member in your part.  You'll be able to hear her singing the part you've been assigned, so you can get a sense of what it sounds like with the other parts.  

After the first rehearsal... will be given learning materials for the audition song which you will need to learn as part of the membership process.  This will consist of sheet music and an audio recording of your part.

During the 2nd to 4th visits... will rehearse with the chorus.  Your audition song will be sung, so you can practice.  Once you have learned the words and notes, you'll be able to sing in a practice quartet.  A section leader will listen each time and give you feedback.  You will have several opportunities, and then...

Whenever you are ready... will sing the audition song for the Music Team in a quartet.  Once you pass your audition, you will have qualified to be a member of HOTS!  To become a full member, you will need to pay for International and Chapter dues, which will be explained to you by our Membership Coordinator.

As a full member... will be given access to our full repertoire of songs and learning materials. A Big Sister will be assigned from your section who will be available to you each rehearsal to answer questions about our organization, culture and events.  With her guidance and the expert instruction of your section leaders, you can begin to learn the chorus music to prepare for performances and competition.  You'll improve your vocal technique and soon come to a better understanding of our interpretation of the songs..

Once you join the chorus... can expect to be welcomed as part of a highly motivated group of women who love to sing and who, by striving for continual improvement, enjoy contributing to the ongoing musical success of one of the finest women's a cappella organizations in the world!

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